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  • Ethical Consumption
  • Ecotourism
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Land Life
Impact category Sustainable living Degree of maturity Development
Amount collected : € 522 800.00



Creating a space where people can live well while being at the service of ecological transition and with respect for all that lives, that's the mission of Indrani Group. Since 2020, the Group has successfully developed a circular heritage-listed eco-site that includes a wellness-based hotel complex pioneering the ecological transition in Loupoigne (Genappe).

Indrani is a small 12-room hotel, a wellness centre offering yoga and massage, a permaculture farm and a farm-to-fork restaurant promoting the sustainable gastronomy of tomorrow.

Indrani offers upmarket, eco-responsible tourism that aims to be carbon neutral, while promoting human relations, integration into the local community and decentralised, collaborative management within the company.

Since its inception, energy management has been an integral part of the site's ethos. With its own clean energy infrastructure enabling self-production, Indrani has chosen to bring them together within a citizen energy community (GreenDyle), benefiting the neighboring residents who wish to join.

After raising a record-breaking 1.18 million euros with for its adjacent real estate renovation project, Indrani invites you to invest in bonds at 10% per year to finance the growth of its operational activities (horeca, wellness, agricultural production). Invest now in a pioneering location in eco-tourism!

Indrani is back for another fundraising on!

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bernard b.

I invested in Groupe Indrani because I believe it is both a social citizen initiative and an ecological initiative.

Pierre C.

I invested in Indrani Group because the project is remarkably comprehensive and complete in its sustainable approach.

Dominique F.

I invested in Indrani Group because I believe the project brings together many priorities in one place.

Xavier F.

I invested in Indrani Group for the project's values and the attractive return on investment.

Bernard C.

I invested in Groupe Indrani because the company is visionary, integrating a whole local economy into a short circuit, and is constantly expanding, having honoured its commitments at previous fundraising events.


I invested in Indrani Group because it's a company that aligns with my values and makes sense.

Pascale B.

I invested in Indrani Group because the Belgian sustainable housing development project resonates with me.

gregory G.

I invested in Indrani Group because I live nearby and appreciate the idea of supporting responsible and local initiatives!

Thomas L.

I invested in Indrani Group because I was impressed by the company's sustainable project and because I want to expand my investments in Belgian projects.

Luc V.

I invested in Indrani Group because it's a project committed to the sustainable economy. The site is located just a few kilometres from where I live. It's a way of getting involved in the social and economic development of my region.

nick m.

I invested in Indrani Group because I strongly share the management's vision. Offering a strong short chain for their healthy food, clean and thus cheaper energy in the long run, and quality and tranquillity, on a human scale: that is the future for tourism. Of course, the promised financial return is also a motivation, but I consciously choose a sustainable pioneer with a strong vision and a good story. I would rather see the better middle class holidaying here than in a much less sustainable location.


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Amount collected
€ 522 800
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