Walvert Mettet
Bonds 6%

  • Clean Energy
  • Local Production
  • Energy Transition
  • Clean and affordable energy
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Action against climate change
Impact category Renewable energy Degree of maturity Development
Amount collected : € 1 000 000.00



Walvert is an SME that was established in 2009, specialized in studying, designing, constructing and operating agricultural biomethanisation projects. Each unit produces local and renewable energy: biogas, electricity, heat. All projects are sustainable, local and implemented by Walvert from scratch.

Walvert offers ecological energy solutions to governments, companies and citizens. The electricity generated is injected into the local (underground) energy network and supplies citizens in the area. The heat produced is used to supply SMEs in the nearby area. At the same time, the fertiliser produced by the biomethanisation process, is available to local farmers and citizens.

Walvert's projects are genuine solutions for the creation of renewable energies and are based on the concept of circular economy. They tackle the challenges of our time, in particular the energy independence of our region.

Walvert is calling on investors to finance a new unit in Mettet, in the province of Namur.

The permit application procedure is being completed and the Walloon Region already gave its positive feedback.

The offered interest is 6% per year for 7 years.

Walvert meets the eligibility criteria of the start-up plan, which will allow investors (natural persons) to benefit from an exemption from withholding tax on interest during the 4 first years.

The exemption is limited per taxpayer and per year to the interest on the first 15,000 euros of new loans concluded within a period of 4 years. For more information on this tax exemption, click here.

The two first stages of the fundraising have been reached, join the adventure to get to the third stage of 850 000€ ! The final stage will be 1 000 000€.

Take a look at the video to learn more about Walvert!

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Julien S.

I invested in Walvert Mettet because I want to support the development of green energy projects in Belgium and because I believe in the importance of this type of installation in the ecological transition and in the decarbonisation of our society

Antoine B.

I invested in Walvert Mettet because I know the area and the type of investment proposed seems to me to be adapted to the necessary redeployment of this location.

Eveline D.

I invested in Walvert Mettet because it is a Walloon project, in my home province, which contributes to local rural development, energy transition and waste recycling.

David D.

I invested in Walvert Mettet because I would like to take part in the energy transition

Eric V.

I invested in Walvert Mettet because it is an ecologically meaningful project and it gives a good return.

Friederike K.

I invested in Walvert Mettet because I think it is the best way to generate energy: to convert waste generated elsewhere into usable forms of energy! And it's a company with experience and we are really in a period where we can't afford to lose a moment to work on the energy transition.

Jean-Louis B.

I invested in Walvert Mettet because I want to diversify my investments and to invest into renewable energy.


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Amount collected
€ 1 000 000
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