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Do Eat

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Impact category Sustainable living Degree of maturity Launching
Amount collected : € 50 000.00



Despite a positioning on a market with potential and in transformation (single-use plastic container), the company did not manage to structure a strong commercial team. The revenue problems did not allow the company to find its economic model and in particular to amortize the R and D costs. The Covid-19 crisis also accelerated the company's bankruptcy.


In order to fight against plastic waste from single-use containers, Hélène and Thibaut invented, at the end of their studies, edible and compostable verrines made from potato starch and water. Very attached to the responsible aspect of the product, Do Eat produces its verrines in an insertion workshop and obtains raw materials only in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. In its 3 years of existence, Do Eat has already sold more than 1.7 million containers, for a turnover of nearly 250,000€. Faced with the success generated by the concept with private individuals and caterers, Do Eat now wishes to tackle the wider market of food containers of all kinds, and in particular trays, through the design of a tailor-made machine to automate part of the production and change scale.

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€ 50 000
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