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Minimum goal: € 150.000
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Up to: 23/02/2022
Last day to invest: 04 March 2022

CittàGiardinoInsieme is the “Plug&Grow” project designed to have a “future-proof” country. Starting from the renovation of squares, CittàGiardinoInsieme regenerates our cities and urban spaces through personalized projects that respect local identities. CittàGiardinoInsieme enhances urban green spaces, which is crucial for the quality of life. It even offers opportunities for the inclusion of vulnerable people, and networking between companies, public administration, social companies, and citizens. CittàGiardinoInsieme is a product/format by i.e.s.– Italian Enablers of Sustainability.

i.e.s. SpA is the first Italian strategic and operational consulting platform that allows companies, Public Administration, and citizens to immediately enjoy advantages of choices and behaviors aligned with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals and ESG financial criteria.
The challenge for i.e.s. is to support companies and Public Administrations to overcome the “greenwashing” mindset, through projects capable of generating Positive Impact from a social and environmental point of view, to contribute to the achievement of the global sustainable goals, and to focus their commitment on responsible activities and investments. The market has to provide companies with the tools needed to make sustainable investments attractive and easier to be embedded in corporate sustainability budgets. For this reason, and thanks to its founder experience in the strategic consulting field, i.e.s. Spa has created CittàGiardinoInsieme, a B2B service, customized although ready to be executed in companies’ strategy in order to be aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and to create a link between Public and Private.

CittàGiardinoInsieme is the first product designed by i.e.s. SpA that aims at making Italian cities more "future-proof", thanks to the cooperation between private companies, and Public Administration towards the common goal of a "strong sustainability". This goal is firmly emphasized by the three constituent elements of the project:
- Insieme (“Together” in English): it means collaboration between Public Administration, Companies, and Communities;
- Giardino (“Garden”): the public green spaces have a central role to improve citizens’ life quality;
- Città (“City”): it refers not only to the public and common space but above all to the community and to the business activities, as the heart of the city's health and resilience.

CittàGiardinoInsieme connects two worlds, the public and the private one, through the creation of a virtuous and replicable process, which allows to take care and enhance urban green, as well to provide job and integration to fragile and poor people.
The experience of the project CittàGiardinoInsieme already allowed the regeneration of 13 urban green spaces in Milan, for more than 20,000 m2 of regenerated urban space: 234 tall trees sown, 100 plants are in the process of being planted, as well as 22,205 shrubs and plants of 40 different species. From the social and inclusion point of view, more than 25 people were involved for 4,000 hours in 2020.

Crowdfunding goals

The funds raised through this equity crowdfunding campaign will be used to:
- regenerate 5 urban green areas in other 5, Italian cities,
- develop the “web- based” platform to be able to monitor and to share the projects results,
- implement the first marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, the company will develop an e-commerce platform that will make easier and faster the interaction with its clients and, it will place itself on qualified marketplaces that will support the sales process, with the aim of being among the leaders on the B2B market for sustainable services.
Investing in i.e.s. means promoting a network - together with enterprises and public administrations - which has a great potential to contribute to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals, playing a central role into the promotion of more beautiful cities and well-finished urban green areas and, creating job opportunities for fragile and poor people coming out of difficult life conditions.
Moreover, investing in i.e.s. means believing that is possible to make a difference in a more transparent and virtuous way, aligned with the UN 2030 Agenda.


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