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Homes4All is an innovative startup and social enterprise offering private investors the opportunity to join a network of private impact investors committed to support social and territorial enhancement through real estate investments.
The company, with the specific goal of acquiring and managing dwellings, is the operational vehicle set up to implement the impact project “Homes4All – the right to housing in Turin is renewed”. This impact finance project is promoted by the City of Turin to deal with housing emergency. It has also obtained funding from the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, through the National Social Innovation Fund.



The project “Homes4All – the right to housing in Turin is renewed” has been promoted by the City of Turin, together with the Turin Chamber of Commerce, Brainscapital s.r.l., Homers s.r.l. social enterprise and ACMOS.

Project partners

The City of Turin is the institution that has identified the social need related to housing poverty. In particular, through the Social Services Division (Social Inclusion Area), it offers the skills and expertise that its operators have developed on services and housing needs.

The Turin Chamber of Commerce is the public administration that has been selected for its skills in measuring and assessing the impact to be generated by the project.

Brainscapital is a management advisory company whose purpose is the accompaniment of entrepreneurial activities and the development of complex projects. It accompanies both startups and established companies that are looking for a positive change in their growth process, supporting them in the various design, implementation and operational phases.

Homers is an innovative social enterprise, spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino. Its team is composed of architects, engineers, community builders and social real estate experts.

Torino Social Impact is the network of 80 companies, institutions, financial operators and third sector entities for social innovation in the city of Turin.

Compagnia di San Paolo is the actor identified as the financial organization ensuring the scalability of the business model. It will intervene during the second phase of the project, namely the experimentation phase of Homes4All.

Acmos is an association born from several experiences of volunteering and social commitment, with a significant twenty-year experience in the field of social housing and inclusion.

The Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers has granted to the project “Homes4All – the right to housing in Turin is renewed”, through the National Social Innovation Fund – a funding divided into three financing phases, corresponding to the three distinct phases of the project, for a total amount of up to 1.6M EUR. The funds will cover operational and management costs of the company.

Indeed, the funded project is divided into 3 distinct phases and interventions, each of which has a duration of one year:
- Intervention I, which consists in the "Feasibility study" (2020);
- Intervention II, "Experimentation" (2021);
- Intervention III, "Systematization and replicability of the project" (2022).

At present, the project “Homes4All – the right to housing in Turin is renewed” is in the phase of the Feasibility Study that will end in October 2020. However, at the same time, we have already gone further: we have set up the vehicle company, innovative social enterprise start-up, and operational tool that will deal with the management and acquisition of dwellings. In addition, the NewCo has started raising funds from private individuals and completed the first real estate purchase in July 2020 and we expect to conclude other acquisitions in the short term.

The goal of Homes4All is the replicability of the project on a national scale: as foreseen in the Intervention III phase, we plan to test the scalability of the activity, by taking the Turin experience as a virtuous and effective solution to respond to the problem of housing emergency at a national level.

The NewCo, which is the subject of this Equity Crowdfunding, represents the legal vehicle for the fundraising, whose founding partners are Brainscapital and Homers. As anticipated above, the start-up boasts a great advantage, for the operating and management costs of the first three years are covered by the contribution granted by the Government. This allows the startup to use and allocate the funds raised through this Equity Crowdfunding campaign exclusively for the acquisitions of dwellings, which will be in fact the underlying of the investment.

The Startup

Homes4All s.r.l. innovative startup and social enterprise is the company name of the Newco that has been set up for dealing with the management and acquisition of dwellings. Founding partners are Brainscapital s.r.l. and Homers s.r.l. innovative social enterprise.

Marco Tabbia Amministratore delegato
Federico Disegni Direttore Generale
Isabelle Toussaint Responsabile analisi tecnica immobili
Matteo Robiglio Consulente scientifico
Nicoletta Piacenza Responsabile accompagnamento sociale
Cristina Martinetti Responsabile comunicazione e fundraising
Mauro Beano Ricercatore territoriale


The idea of Homes4All was born from a simple observation: the paths of full poverty start very often from losing one’s home. It doesn’t matter if this starts from personal or entrepreneurial reasons. The element of concern is that, from the loss of the house onwards, the gravity of any previous situations increases until it becomes difficult to be reversed, with very high costs for people, families and the whole community. 

Compared to the rest of Italy, in the Municipality of Turin, it has been observed a higher average of evictions: 1 family every 241, a proportion that is near twice the national average (1 family every 419). In 2019, a total of 2.495 eviction notices were issued in relation to evictions for rent delinquency or for finished rental for housing properties. Compared to the previous year, an increase of 10% was reported. Evictions for rent delinquency represent 91% of the total number of the proceedings.


Homes4All aims to intervene on this evident urgency, by:
1. Locating free or occupied property blocks, acquired by the real estate market or sold at judicial auctions*;
2. Realizing a network of real estate private investors;
3. Proceeding, in the case of free property, to refurbishment, in order to include it in the social rental channels and, in the case of occupied property, supporting tenants who are in debt or vulnerable situation;
4. Activating and coordinating all territorial subsidies useful to guarantee, for the most vulnerable individuals, the right to housing and the economic support for renting.

* In addition, the acquisition of properties at auction, in some cases, will give the possibility of locating the accommodation directly to the evicted person. The latter will therefore not be forced to leave his house and at the same time will not have to search for accommodation in the private rental market or to request for temporary accommodation while waiting for response from public channels.

Furthermore, Homes4All aims to accompany and help people in distress to present the practices provided for by Law n.3 of 27/01/2012 so-called «Legge Sovraindebitamento».

This law, indeed, allows the debtor to access a procedure to facilitate the recovery of his debts by presenting a repayment plan, which is based on the actual availability and possibilities of the debtor and that allows, once approved by a Judge, to obtain the removal of the debt.

Modello economico

Homes4All promotes an innovative housing strategy through the identification of both empty of occupied dwellings coming from different legal frames (judicial auctions, real estate market, vacant houses, donations) to be acquired or taken over by the NewCo. In case of empty dwellings, the company operates to restructure, valorise or make them available to the social renting channels and, in the case of occupied ones, it supports tenants in debt situations.


H4A will generate revenues through the following activities:
- Rent of the purchased and refurbished real estate units at an affordable price;
- Management of the properties entrusted by third party owners to the NewCo;
- Support to third party owners in the sale of properties;
- Resale of the purchased properties.

Operational costs

For the first three years, the company will not have to bear any particular management costs as they will be covered by the contribution to the project “Homes4All - the right to housing in Turin is renewed” from the National Social Innovation Fund granted by the Government (up to 1.6M EUR).


100% of the funds raised in the current capital increase will be used to purchase dwellings that consequently will be the underlying of your investment.

Long term impact

Homes4All aims to have an effective impact on the housing emergency by:
- Strengthening the skills of the tenants involved in the removal of their debts;
- Building an innovative asset in the relationship between private and public investors;
- Reducing the impact on the reception services of the City of Turin.

Homes4All contributes to the achievement of five SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals):

- SDG 1: end poverty
- SDG 3: ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages;
- SDG 4: ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all;
- SDG 8: promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent work for all;
- SDG 11: make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe and sustainable.

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