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Sustainable beachwear from plastic bottles

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SEAY is production of sustinable beachwear from certified fabrics, short and local sourcing chains, conscious distribution policies and a marketing plan built around an intentional positive environmental impact. 

The fashion industry is moving fast to meet a growing demand for low environmental impact garments resulting as much sustainable as possible. Organic cottons, recycled fabrics, natural dyes and low-carbon footprint supply chains are becomingday after day more requestd in a sector dominated by fast fashion chains that struggle to guarantee to their shareholders a certain marginality blocking them to adopt green business models, leaving room for small brands toraise their popularity. So far, in the beachwear industry, very few brands have focused their business on a low environmental impact model and it is with this idea in mind that in March 2019 SOSEATY Collective and its SEAY brand was born.

Certified fabrics, short and local sourcing chains, conscious distribution policies and a marketing plan built around a green manifesto. 

Not products with an ethnic look or typical of the fair tradesector, but goods able to express the latest fashion trends with the added value of materials and a business model capable of guaranteeing a circular economy.

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Five professionals with a long career matured within some of the most prestigious international fashion brands that had the fortune to meet during their work experiences coordinated by the two founders of the project, Alberto and Simone.
A micro-global team divided into 3 locations:
Como (IT): Design and product development
Vicenza (IT): Operations, logistics and administration
Hawaii (US): Creative direction
Company structure: Alberto Bressan: 39 years, Economic's degree and Executive MBA graduate, fifteen-year long experience on the fashion indutry and, in particular, in business development where he managed business units with multiple functions such as Style, Product, Sourcing, Purchasing, Sales, Brand, Merchandising, Planning, Marketing). Simone Scodellaro: 33 years old, graduated in Management Engineering, always in the clothing sector, expert in branding, commercial development and management of especially international distribution networks.

F03d72de6a038574f787e91dde0f9e05 Alberto Bressan Fifteen-years experience in business development in the fashion industry
D92b1104a44c01b6e0ddb61403361681 Simone Scodellaro Expert in branding, commercial development, and management of international distribution networks


All over the world - every minute - one million plastic bottles are purchased, which means something like 20,000 bottles per second. Some types of plastic, such as PET, will never bio-degrade. On average it takes at least 450 years to degrade a plastic bottle, while some plastic types can take over 1,000 years to degrade completely. The vast majority (79%) is accumulated in landfills or abandoned on the environment and, unfortunately, most of it ends up in the seas. 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year in addition to the estimated 50 million tons currently circulating in our marine environments.


A beachwear line produced using high quality recycled polyester and polyammide yarn made from recycled materials including post consumer plastic bottles and plastic captured from the sea. On average the equivalent of 27 plastic bottles are used for the production of a men's short. Imagining to produce 100,000 costumes we reuse the equivalent of 2,700,000 plastic bottles.

Modello economico

Long term impact

Through beach clean-up events (4 events per story): collection of approximately 3,000 kg of debris per season for a toal of 16.000 kg. Through production (​​as per the BP): reused plastic debris for an equivalent of about 1.5 MIO bottles.

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180000numero approssimativo di BOTTIGLIE equivalenti al totale di detriti plastici riutilizzati attraverso la produzione

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