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50,000 €

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Investitore professionale 5%: NaturaSì

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Startup innovativa - 30%


100.00 €


100,000.00 €

Startup innovativa - 30%


Campaign extended until 23/07/2020
Collected investments amount: 75.800 € (updated: 06/07/2020)

NaturaSì is the institutional investor for Humus
Among investors also Altromercato and SIT Social Innovation Teams


Humus is an innovative startup with a social goal, aiming at contrasting any form of illegal exploitation of seasonal workers in agriculture. The main activity of Humus is to promote the legal employment of migrants and political refugees through the creation of a national network of ethical farms, willing to generate transparent occupation, thus fostering economic and social values. Through the offer of integrated and complementary services, Humus can be a solution to the most common problems encountered by agricultural companies in their hiring processes.



The team is composed of the two founders and a collaborator. All the members have gained long experience in the management of projects for the job placement of migrants and political refugees in Italy. 

The corporate structure is represented by the 2 founding members and, since September 2019, the institutional player CRC Innova.

The Humus project grew thanks to the dedication of the two founders, Elena and Claudio, committed since several years in similar projects for local development and integration of immigrants in Italy.

Claudio Naviglia is an anthropologist and social entrepreneur from Turin. For years, he has been developing and managing innovative projects for the social and employment integration of migrants. In Humus, he deals with the economic and financial management of the company.

Elena Elia is a psychologist and social entrepreneur from Cuneo. She has past experiences as a psychologist in community-based prjects and as psychosocial support for asylum seekers and refugees. She is responsible for communication and marketing, manages relations with businesses.

Luca Barraco is a professional educator who re-oriented his career to become an agricultural entrepreneur, after having worked for years in Turin (his hometown) in social projects for migrants, theater, circus and social agriculture. He was one of the promoters of the "InGrana" network contract, of which he is now president. Luca supports Humus in managing the relations with agricultural entrepreneurs.

Elena Elia Co-founder & Communication
Claudio Naviglia CEO, co-founder
Luca Barraco Imprenditore agricolo


In our country there are more than 1 million and 600 thousand agricultural companies and almost a third of them use Italian and foreign workforce in an irregular way (the so-called gray and black work). There are about 30,000 companies that illegaly employ seasonal workers through the intermediation of "caporali". The main reasons that push companies to this informality in their hiring processes are the absence of regular networks to find agricultural workers and a slow bureaucracy for the management of seasonal employment contracts. The high costs for the employers lead to the impossibility of mantaining a seasonal worker with a long-term job contract.


Humus was created to respond to these problems and provide agricultural companies with easily implementable tools. Specifically, Humus offers to ethical farms the possibility to join a network of companies, in order to share human resources and realize common projects and objectives, increasing innovation and competitiveness on the market, while maintaining their independence and autonomy. In addition, Humus organizes training courses for migrants and refugees and offers Job Matching services to the agricultural companies. In this way, companies that temporarily need a resource can ask Humus, which helps them in finding the workers and handles all the administrative procedures related to the employment contract.

Modello economico

Humus business model is B2B and consists in offering the following services:

1) Training: Humus organizes training courses in centers hosting migrants and political refugees, to teach them the basic techniques of agricultural work. The cost for this service is € 50 per hour for each resource and will be charged to the hosting centers, banking foundations or funds for migrant people;

2) Promotion of network contracts: with this service, Humus will come into contact with multiple farms and promote the setting-up of networks of agricultural companies. This form of collaboration allows the companies to share some fixed costs (for example related to administrative procedures) and potentially set other types of agreements, while maintaining operational autonomy. For example, some companies may hire one single person with a long-term, regular employment contract and the person can work 6 months per year for each company, following the seasonal coltures and needs of the two farms;

3) Job Matching: with the Job Matching service Humus acts as an intermediary between agricultural companies and hosting centers for migrants and asylum seekers, selecting the specific profiles required by companies and managing the administrative procedures.

Long term impact

With the type of services offered by it, Humus aims to contribute to the achievement of 6 of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals: poverty reduction, quality education, gender equality, decent working conditions and economic growth, reduction of inequalities and production and responsible consumption. The main target to which Humus contributes is the number 8, "Decent working conditions and economic growth", but this has clear links with the other 5 targets.

In fact, the problem of hiring and irregular work in agriculture has a negative impact on these aspects, creating not fair nor sustainable working or living conditions for workers, as highlighted by the fourth report on «Agromafie and Caporalato».

400 Jobs created or secured

(a 1 anno dalla raccolta fondi)

15Nuove reti di imprese etiche

(a 1 anno dalla raccolta fondi)


Chiara L

Perché garantire un lavoro sicuro e regolare è il modo per dare dignità alle persone, sia quelle che lavorano che quelle che danno lavoro.


Stefania M

E' un progetto di cui l'Italia ha bisogno: da sostenere! Evviva la filiera controllata, il cibo eticamente sostenibile ed i diritti dei lavoratori che lo producono.





Gianluca G

Ho investito in questo progetto perché credo nell'innovazione del progetto e del business model.


Barbara G

Iniziativa lodevole, la prima in Italia, da premiare!


Alberto C

Un progetto di dignità e umanità


Eudes Vito M

L'intento dell'impresa

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