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Music Innovation Hub was founded in Milan in May 2018 at BASE, Via Bergognone 34 Milan and represents the first social enterprise in the music sector, the first SpA - the absolute social enterprise in Italy, and the first to launch an equity - crowdfunding campaign in the area national with specific impact objectives. 

MIH is a new eco-system and the first pole of innovation in the field of music divided into four lines of activity with as many dedicated brands:

- Chorus: Music education and social inclusion projects through music;

- Linecheck: Music Conference and Festival, already known and appreciated internationally;

- Futurissima: Label and record publisher for young people under 30 years old;

- MusicROOMS: Live district, Studio area, Co-working and support to music start-ups.


The founders of Music Innovation Hub are three very complementary subjects who share the mission of wanting to enhance the social and economic potential of music.

- Music Management Club: a club of managers and entrepreneurs with social business skills, some of them with specific experiences in music

- OXA-BASE. Social enterprise producer of innovative cultural initiatives and manager of the Milan Base area

- Fondazione Social Venture Giordano dell’Amore. Impact fund of the Cariplo Foundation

Alongside the three founders, some important strategic partners work as support.

- Cariplo Foundation, for cultural and social activities

- Milan Foundation, for educational programs

- Cariplo Factory, for technological, district and start-up support initiatives

- Musicraiser, on scouting activities and first support for artists

MIH ecosystem is therefore an open company that collaborates with its strategic partners and with the various subjects of the Italian and European music supply chain.

Music Innovation Hub team is composed of elements with many years of experience in the world of cultural industry and social business.

When fully operational, the structure will exceed 20 dedicated people; at the start the key people are the following:

Andrea Rapaccini: President, management and social business experiences

Nicolò Bini: Chief Executive Officer, experiences in the field of innovation and cultural promotion

Leonardo Lupelli: Director and General Manager, different experiences in the field of live and cultural music, also at international level

Rinaldo Canzi: Counselor representative of Fondazione Social Venture Giordano dell’Amore of the Cariplo Foundation

Riccardo Porro: Representative Director of Cariplo Factory

Giovanni Gulino: Director of Futurissima, experiences in the field of recording and scouting talents (founder of Musicraiser)

Giovanni Pesce: Communications Director, marketing and communication experiences for major brands in the cultural and publishing fields

Francesco Caprai: Head of Music Musicraiser, Futurissima Scouting

Jacopo Beta: Booking manager, experiences in live music and scouting also at international level

Chiara Tocco: Content Manager, experiences of digital communication and social media management in the cultural field

Alice Salvalai: Project Coordinator, experience in project management in the musical and cultural fields


MIH intends to provide its own integrated contribution to various problems present in the Italian music supply chain, which today limit the potential of music in our country. In particular, MIH intends to work in an integrated and collaborative way on all the dimensions of value of the music supply chain.

Specifically, it means to intervene on three problem areas:

-Marginal school education: the national school education system highlights considerable fragility in music education (resources, technological innovation, collaboration) and does not recognize the relevance of music for the harmonious development of personality and relational skills for young people. Lack of a verse and proper musical education system that makes a network between schools and shares the most effective educational programs.

-Weak music industry: national record / stall market, over 1/3 smaller than the French market and today the 12th world market (two years ago it was ninth); low exports linked to very few great artists, structural difficulty in accessing industry for young talents and mainly focused on TV talent / shows; chronic fragility of the system of small independent labels; unstable employment (only a few artists can "live on music") and the difficulty of the operators of the sector to constantly update themselves in an international panorama in continuous and rapid transformation.

-Social integration and limited active policies: poor and non-systemic use of music as a tool for aggregation for youth policies and regeneration of NEETs


Music Innovation Hub intends to promote music in all its forms as a tool for change in the social, educational, cultural, economic, occupational, in collaboration and not in competition with all the actors of the supply chain and with the institutions. MIH intends to feed the Italian music supply chain with a significant number of new young talents produced and promoted in its collaborative platform, develop programs of education and musical dissemination, promote training and networking projects of international level, also giving life, within BASE Milan, to a district entirely dedicated to innovation and the promotion of music.

Modello economico

Music Innovation Hub business model is based on the various business lines considered and each line focuses on its sustainability.
Futurissima is a record, management and booking label that aims to offer 360-degree services to young talents under 30 selected (20 artists per year). The label makes use of the precious collaboration of Musicraiser ( for the potential test of the artist on the market and of an artistic committee for the selection of the artists to be contracted. Each selected artist is guided in every area of ​​the musical activity, from the management of the rights to the live, and corresponds to Futurissima a part of the revenues deriving from these activities. Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival, now in its fourth edition in 2019, is an annual B2B meeting scheduled for the international music platform program: an opportunity for networking and deepening the most current themes in the music industry and, at the same time, an opportunity to discover and launch new talent. The model is based on the organization of workshops and educational sessions for the B2B side and a part of music festivals for the B2C side, all accessible through a ticketing system at different rates. MusicROOMS foresees the preparation of an area available for the Music Innovation Hub (Room E of BASE Milan, 500 square meters) which will be entirely dedicated to music, hosting areas dedicated to co-working, training and a multi-purpose structure designed to accommodate format, presentations and live practice sessions and record production. The model is based on the rent of these different types of spaces and the organization of a series of musical events in a logic of interaction and co-planning of new formats and events in collaboration with other local, national and international realities. In addition, the multi-functional and high-tech recording room can be made available to other operators in the sector for artist presentations and streaming (live from Base). The Business Line will be operational from spring 2019, the date of completion of the restructuring work on the first floor of the base, in Milan. Chorus is the Music Innovation Hub business line with the strongest social impact. The educational formats imagined for Milan are conceived and designed with a view to their capillary realization even on the Italian territory, in order to favour the dissemination of new educational models and good practices of teaching and musical training. There are 8 initiatives in the pipeline, aimed at different types of targets from children to young professionals, with special attention to disadvantaged groups and NEETs.

The project, realized thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo and in collaboration with Fondazione Milano, provides for various business/sustainability models that will be articulated and tested in the executive design phase. The project will be active starting from 2020 (small trials planned at the end of 2019)


Music Innovation Hub is a reality whose social value is already widely recognized by the territory and by the institutions, which have invested in the initiative to guarantee its start-up.

They have already been allocated:

  • - Founding Members: Over € 500,000 in equity and equity financial instruments plus € 600,000 in-kind contributions
  • - 300,000 euros from the Cariplo Foundation, for the Chorus program
  • - The investment contract by Cariplo Factory for technology in MusicRooms is being finalized, up to € 250,000, granted to MIH on loan for use and exclusively for use in music.

The founders aim to obtain a minimum loan of € 150,000 to a maximum of € 350,000 from Lita.Co investors to complete the fundraising necessary to carry out the Business Plan and complete the development of the 4 business lines.

Long term impact

Within MIH, musical promotion, education and training activities play a decisive role with respect to the mission and impact on multiple categories of beneficiaries:

- Young artists who are given access to musical opportunities

- Children and young people, through music education programs

- Disadvantaged and frail subjects, for initiatives of integration and social regeneration through music (eg NEET, elderly, special children)

- Local communities, for the use of music as a tool to promote the area

- Young people / adults who want to work as professionals in the music industry (vocational training courses)

The initiatives promoted by the Music Innovation Hub have among the long-term objectives the development of the Italian music supply chain and the use of music as a tool for promotion and social integration, starting from Milan but with the intention of generating impact on a national scale. In support of this, the medium-term objectives that the project wants to achieve to confirm the correctness of the road undertaken are very clear. The following are the impact objectives to be achieved within five years, the recording and publishing activities, the impact of educational projects and the creation of new jobs.

Music label and new artists

- 2.850 Artists supported through the Futurissima Speedup accelerator, managed in exclusive partnership with Musicraiser

- 258 Artists with at least one distribution contract guaranteed by MIH.

- 100 Artists with a complete recording and publishing contract.

The MIH contract includes some mutualistic and social responsibility aspects for the artists involved:

- "The suspended note" (from "the suspended coffee"). A part of the extra income of the most successful artists, will be made available to the system in favour of artists of value but less fortunate who have not yet achieved economic stability.

- The commitment to a social issue of interest. Every artist today has become an influencer towards their fans and his behaviour affects the opinions of thousands of people, especially the younger. MIH wants to make artists aware of their social role. Therefore, each MIH artist will be asked to play an ambassador / testimonial role in a specific social topic he has chosen and on which he is particularly interested and sensitive. The artist will have to inform himself, build an opinion, lend his image to promote and make his fans aware of this issue. These can be very different themes, such as global warming, health, common goods, the fight against social and economic inequalities, the risks of drugs, justice or more specific issues of some communities (such as raising funds to help citizens of a territory struck by a natural disaster)

- Artists at a disadvantage. To highlight the potential for social redemption of music, MIH will aim to ensure that around 20% of 5th-year artists can be considered disadvantaged or very disadvantaged according to EU Regulation 651 651/2014. That is to say opportunities for homeless people; minors at risk of working age; refugees or applicants for international protection (Legislative Decree 251/2007); disadvantaged pursuant to art. 4 Law 381/1991 (physical, mental and sensorial disabilities); drug addicts and alcoholics; people in psychiatric treatment; convicts admitted for alternative measures to detention; disabled people (Law 104/1992)

Music education and social integration

- 2,500 new training interventions in a 5-year plan

- 2000 students and families in school initiatives

- At least 800 children involved

- 40 "regenerated" NEETs through active policies in music

Job opportunities and job creation in the music industry

- 360 young project leaders in the music industry

- 600 children and students in the world of work

- 20 young people under 30 in international projects

- 20 subjects / places involved in the enhancement of the territory

10 Jobs created or secured

(a 1 anno dalla raccolta fondi)

800Bambini coinvolti nelle iniziative musicali

(a 3 anni dalla raccolta fondi)

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