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150,000 €

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180,000 €

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Startup innovativa - 30%


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100,000.00 €

Startup innovativa - 30%


WayCap is an innovative start-up founded in 2015 in Turin and strongly rooted in Piemonte. The company produces and sells a stainless-steel capsule compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto coffee machines, whose fundamental characteristic is to be rechargeable and reusable indefinitely.

Waycap's goal is to provide a new solution in the capsule coffee market that is:

- Ecological

- Economic

- Focused on customer preferences

WayCap transforms the simple gesture of taking coffee into a positive habit and that does not damage the environment. WayCap refillable capsules are ecological and made in Italy. Using WayCap means not polluting, saving and choosing the coffee you prefer.



WayCap is founded by three friends, by passion also members of a Jazz Trio, who have embraced the cause of eco-sustainability and responsible consumption. Each brings different and complementary skills to the company. The three founders are now supported by two other part-time employees and external collaborators for the assembly phases.

The founders:

- Matteo Pibiri: 44 years, degree in Economics and Commerce, many years of experience in the field of analysis and financial consultancy for SMEs

- Davide De Ruvo: 45 years, degree in Management Engineering, experience in the management of organizational processes applied to finance and manufacturing. He designed the first reusable capsule prototype then developed by WayCap

- Matteo Rossi: 31 years, experience in the world of logistics and operations


The consumption of coffee in a disposable capsule is a strongly growing trend in recent years but is causing enormous damage to the planet.

Every year 120,000 tons of waste are generated by the consumption of about 14 billion disposable coffee capsules, of which about 10% only in Italy.

Currently the market for disposable capsules provides single-portion solutions in aluminium or plastic containers, which can take up to 500 years to be disposed of and long and expensive recycling processes.

The coffee capsules are:

- highly polluting throughout the process, including production and distribution

- high cost

- present an offer in which the consumer is conditioned by a limited choice of products. The quality and provenance of the coffee contained is in most cases unknown.

Furthermore, agents contained in the plastic materials of disposable and dissolved capsules in coffee can adversely affect the health of the consumer.


Modello economico

WayCap is developing a differentiation strategy, providing a solution that is different from disposable products, considerably more efficient than the rechargeable products currently on the market.

The WayCap business model involves the distribution of its refillable Kit capsules together with other accessories and the focus on two macro-segments of customers:

1) Final consumers, intended as families and offices (B2C), reached through e-commerce

2) Intermediaries, intended as small retail chains, franchising of household products, organic and fair trade chains, roasting (B2B)

The 2 main kits include the following prices on the e-commerce channel:

- WayCap Basic Kit - 1 Capsule: € 36.90

- WayCap Complete Kit - 2 Capsules: € 62.90

The market for disposable capsules is around 14 billion capsules sold worldwide every year, of these 1 billion only in Italy. The trend forecasts an annual growth of 24%, to the detriment of a total consumption of coffee in its various forms. In Italy 2.6 million families (11% of the total) use disposable capsules.

The WayCap product was perfected thanks to 4 reward-based crowdfunding campaigns that allowed more than 20,000 capsules to be distributed in 83 countries, obtaining valuable feedback from the online community. To date, around 35,000 capsules are distributed worldwide.

The company therefore has a mature and tested product thanks to the process of bottom-up social innovation faced and ready for a strong expansion beyond national borders.

WayCap has developed in Turin, a city in which large industry and small artisans have worked in synergy to bring mechanical production to levels of international excellence.

Its product is created by the expert hands of professionals who have been able to turn into reality the dream of an excellent espresso, sustainable and prepared according to the personal taste of its customers.

The company, despite its young age, has already found an economic-financial sustainability.

The goal of the founders is to collect a minimum of € 150,000 from Lita.Co investors to give a strong boost to the growth of WayCap abroad and export the cultural background and value system to which they have adhered, beyond national borders.

Long term impact

Coffee is one of the most drunk beverages in the world.

The WayCap team is convinced that the comfort-refusal-pollution paradigm is not sustainable in the long run and aims, in its small way, to help people think about consumption in a more conscious way, stimulating the production of alternative solutions for use and it also throws in other sectors of the world economy.

To date WayCap has been sold to around 15,000 families worldwide.

If we assume 2 coffees per day for 2 members per family, this is a daily saving for the planet of about 60,000 disposable capsules, about 22 million per year, equal to about 200 tons of non-recyclable waste that would have ended up in rubbish dump.

For the families that have adopted WayCap it is a total economic saving of about 6 Million €.

The medium / long-term impact of the WayCap solution is therefore evident in the event that the project is appropriately supported with an injection of funds aimed at a greater diffusion of the product in the world.

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