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Mysurable ( is an innovative startup founded in Bologna in 2018 in cooperation with the University of Bologna.

The company develops innovative technological solutions to measure changes in the functional conditions of individuals related to ageing.

Mysurable uses both classic and innovative devices, developed for the elderly people, and collects data in a cloud-based software to make them always updated and available for all the involved caregivers (doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, kinesiologists, etc).

Maintaining the best possible physical conditions, compatibly with age, is a relevant personal and social challenge to which Mysurable wants to contribute by enabling simple, accessible and cost-effective screening.

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Mysurable was born at the University of Bologna thanks to the research input of professor Marco Domenicali, president of the company, who dedicated himself to geriatric field of research looking for an innovative solution to measure changes in functional status in the elderly, together to other collaborators.

The team was joined by Enrico Lenzi, an electrical engineer, who brought fundamental technical skills for the development of hardware and software components; Antonio Domenicali, entrepreneur for commercial development; Riccardo Piccioli and Daniela Viroli, professionals with long management experience, to take care of aspects related to the business model and marketing.

An active part of the team is Fabrizio Bugamelli, CEO of AlmaCube (the incubator of the University of Bologna which is partecipating within the company) and expert in technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

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The progressive aging of the population is one of the great challenges of our times. Today in Italy the over 65 already represent more than 22% (more than 13,000,000) and are more numerous than the under-30s.

Increasing the average age also increases the period lived in conditions of disability. This involves a loss of quality of life for the individual, inconvenience and higher costs for families and, more generally, unsustainable costs for the welfare system.

One of the most important causes of fragility of the elderly is the excessive loss of muscle tissue in relation to age, called sarcopenia. Over the years, muscle mass gradually decreases, especially after the age of 50, but if this reduction is too great, it can:

- make some daily activities difficult and therefore limit autonomy;

- contribute to slowing down the recovery process following illnesses or accidents;

- worsen, over time, some pathologies such as diabetes or high blood pressure and influence others such as depression and hypercholesterolemia.

About 10% of Italian over-65s are affected by sarcopenia, but the extent of the problem is much broader. Sarcopenia is insidious as it is asymptomatic until it generates disability, it is therefore of fundamental importance for the prevention and care to evaluate the muscular performance, measuring it.

Currently the systems used are complex, expensive and not easily repeatable (TAC, MRI, bone densitometry), but the scientific community is increasingly orienting itself towards the use of functional tests.


Mysurable has developed mioTest®, the first solution for the detection of the risk of sarcopenia (adhering to international standards), which integrates the information provided by functional examinations, impedance and ultrasound all in a single product. 

mioTest® needs less than 10 minutes of time and is not invasive: it consists of simple measurements and is based on the combination of tests validated by several and relevant scientific studies.

mioTest® provides personalized information on:

- measurement of muscle strength;

- evaluation of the functionality in the execution of daily activities;

- biological age of the muscle with reference to the analysed parameters.

It allows to estimate the presence and severity of sarcopenia or the risk of developing it in the future.

mioTest® also provides specific indications to maintain or improve muscle efficiency over time with recommendations for adequate nutrition, indications for the possible intake of supplements, suggestions for physical activity and possible precautions to adapt daily behaviour to one's own conditions muscle.

The advantage of mioTest® is that it can also be performed by non-medical personnel such as pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses or graduates in physical education by lending themselves to extensive screening and developmental assessment programs.

The measurements are processed and stored in a cloud system that allows both to perform the test in any center involved in the system, and to keep track of the measurements and to evaluate the effectiveness of the preventive and therapeutic strategies adopted.

In this way Mysurable provides the elderly people with an easily accessible tool, both for the capillarity of the distribution, for its cheapness, for periodically verifying their condition and building a successful aging path together with their doctors constantly monitoring the results and the effectiveness of it.

Modello economico

Mysurable is based on a B2B2C business model, in which revenues comes from a fee (between 20% and 30%) on the price paid by end user for each test performed by the distributor.

Distributors receive the tools to perform the free loan test. Mysurable sells mioTest® packages in advance, invoicing the commissions to the distributors, who carry out the package tests collecting the final retail price.

The mioTest® line is divided into 5 types, differentiated according to the different measurements made and the distribution channel:

mioTest® Basic (Pharmacies)

Consumer price € 20.00 - Currently on the market

mioTest® Advanced (Pharmacies)

Consumer price approx. € 60.00 - On the market since spring 2019

mioTest® Fit (Gyms)

Consumer price approx. € 75.00 - On the market since 2020

mioTest® Rehab (Physiotherapists)

Consumer price approximately € 180.00 - On the market since 2020

mioTest® Med (Medical clinics)

Consumer price approximately € 180.00 - On the market since 2020

Target market of Mysurable is the one of private healthcare: in 2016 private healthcare spending in Italy reached 37.3 billion euros with a strong growth trend.

The services segment represents the 47% of the total and the diagnostic sub-segment has the highest growth in the entire market, from 14.1% in 2015 to 16.0% in 2016.

The over 65 generate 48% of private health expenditure and, regardless of age, 40% of chronic patients, 11% of serious patients and 14% of non-self-sufficient patients resort to private health services.

Mysurable is a company strongly based on outsourcing thanks to the collaboration with reliable partners identified in the Emilia region, both for the production of hardware and cloud software.

The core of the activity, namely research and development, remains in the hands of Marco Domenicali who, together with Enrico Lenzi, carries on the research from a scientific point of view and develops new technological solutions to stay ahead in the field of biometric measurement and supporting the Mysurable mission.

The founders aim to obtain a minimum loan of € 150,000 from the investors of Lita.Co in the first place to give a strong boost to the commercial branch considered the recent birth of the company and to be able to expand first of all through large networks of pharmacies, with one of which an agreement has already been signed.

The second goal of Mysurable is to optimize current solutions and develop new ones thanks to the contribution of highly specialized human resources from the University of Bologna.

Long term impact

Preventing sarcopenia massively and early will:

- Relieve the problems related to the disability of the elderly, adding health to the years

- Reduce discomfort to family members who care for the disabled

- Reduce the direct and indirect costs of assistance for both families and the community (approximately € 3,500.00 / month of total expenses estimated per month between direct, indirect and welfare costs)

In the long term the goals of Mysurable in terms of impact are:

- Guarantee significant reductions in disability-lengthening of the skillful life

- Make a scientific contribution by collecting important numbers on the phenomenon and consequently improving the diagnosis and therapies

- Provide tools for remote reporting of disabled people unable to move and in any case to subjects with poor access to geriatric services (eg in rural areas).

An important value on which Mysurable aims to make a significant scientific contribution on the subject is the development, with the progressive number of tests performed, of the largest database on sarcopenia in Europe. This huge, continuously updated database will make it possible to:

1 - Have a persistently updated photograph on the condition of disability of the elderly, on the effectiveness of the treatments proposed and on the health and social needs of this population. This currently unavailable database will have enormous social value, for example it could be useful to understand which policies to develop.

2 - Thanks to deep learning systems there will be a continuous real-time comparison between the various therapeutic approaches proposed. In this way there will be indications currently unavailable on the real effectiveness of treatments in "real life" scenarios and it will be possible to identify types of elderly who respond particularly well to certain therapeutic strategies and finally it will be possible to identify elderly people at risk of becoming disabled quickly.

Furthermore, Mysurable will be the first European case study on the impact of supplements on this condition.

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