Financial markets without ethics: what are the risks? Interview to Eva Sadoun

April 07, 2023

Finance is the backbone of society, of a society that is not generative but extractive, founded on the idea of ​​continuous growth.

The goal is that in the future the big players in finance convert their investments towards a generative, just, solidary, and ecological economy.

We are already demonstrating that another kind of finance, non-opaque finance, is possible; that it is possible to build transparent financial products.

The opacity of finance is intended to make it difficult for most people to understand.

Our fight is cultural, our denunciations against opaque finance and unjust economy are already showing results: this fight is not utopian, it is realistic and wants to support people's well-being, for a sustainable future and more just societies.

Listen to the entire Thinkerview interview with Eva Sadoun

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